Physical Therapy Protocols

To our therapists: Please be careful with too much flexion of the knee when there is significant swelling still present.
These protocols are guides, and are used to assist the therapist in setting rehabilitation goals. 

ACL reconstruction
Allograft or Autograft
This protocol is basic guidelines for ACL rehabilitation. If an autograft is used, then some care on the anterior knee is needed.

PCL reconstruction
This protocol is basic guidelines for PCL rehabilitation.

Simple arthroscopy, or soft tissue debridements
Plica band removal, ligamentum mucosum debridement or scar tissue debridement

Medial, Lateral or both
For any menisectomy performed, or in combination with a soft tissue debridement or chondroplasty.


Lateral Release
Lateral release protocol
If any other procedures are done in the knee along with a lateral release, please use this protocol.  Take special note of the status of the articular cartilage on the patella and be cautious with knee flexion if there is significant swelling.

Lateral releases can have a lateral bulge (swelling)that is typical for the first few weeks or so. 

Abrasion Arthroplasty
If just a chondroplasty, then crutches can be weaned in days as the patient adjusts to full weight bearing.

MCL Protocol
Non operative rehab
For MCL sprains, with the use of a brace for protection, be sure patient wears brace at night as well.

Patellar Realignment: Proximal
For VMO advancement/repair or proximal patellar realignment

Distal Patellar Realignment
For Tibial tubercle Transfer and VMO advancement

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